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I have almost three decades of experience working as a mental health professional with a focus on recovery and rehabilitation.  Building on consumer insights, gained through a collaborative project approach, I help to transform thinking on mental health, develop consumer-friendly programs, plain language web and print materials, which blend expert research knowledge to meet health care, consumer, and family needs. A partnership approach is taken in delivering project management, policy planning and research.

Working at a regional, provincial and national level, I have actively assisted not-for-profit, health care facilities, governmental, professional, consumer and family associations, and for-profit organizations in undertaking research and resource development, needs assessments, program evaluation, policy development and by providing ongoing organizational strategic advice.  Through my management and consulting work, I have established strong linkages across stakeholder groups serving as a ‘boundary walker’ between stakeholders to improve service design and delivery.

Based on my own family and personal experience with mental ill-health I have maintained a life-long interest in improving the delivery of mental health services and emphasizing the importance of family and consumer-driven health promotion efforts that increase personal responsibility and empower people to make informed health choices.  Throughout my life, I have seen the harm inflicted by the stigma attached to mental ill-health and addictions and the value of timely intervention and effective treatment. 

I hold an honours degree in Rehabilitation Medicine - Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto. 


About Neasa Martin...

Connecting research, polices and practices into accessible user friendly mental health resources.

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  1.   Environmental scans

  2.   Policy research & development

  3.   Website development

  4.   User-friendly educational tools

  5.   Participatory action research

  6.   Project management

  7.   Program planning & delivery

  8.   Stakeholder consultations

  9.   Process & outcome evaluations

  10.   On-line surveys

  11.   Meeting planning & facilitation

  12.   Strategic planning

  13.   Executive coaching


  1.   Psychosocial rehabilitation

  2.   Stigma and discrimination

  3.   Consumer engagement

  4.   Mood & anxiety disorders

  5.   Recovery in mental health

  6.   Quality of life & mental illness

  7.   Problem gambling

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